Eurosilicone is in the Pink!

Hello and welcome back to our second blog post!

We have been very busy celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
and have been overwhelmed by the number of inspirational women
helping to raise awareness for an amazing cause, which sadly so
many women can relate to.

It has been our mission to spread the word across our social
media communities to help raise awareness, by sharing incredible
stories via ‘Survivor Sundays’ and the wonderful work of
charities that make a huge difference to breast cancer sufferers
and their families.

Each year you have been coming up with innovative new ways to
raise money for Breast cancer, bringing together women from all
walks of life for a very special occasion. You have been
campaigning all around the world, helping to gain international
exposure and spread the breast buzz! Ireland have been busy
opening their first Pretty
‘n’ Pink
Charity shop in Belfast and Brazil’s ‘Pink October’ proved a lot of fun as
well as educational. Some of our favorites have been the UK’s
Big Bra Hunt
 and the Bin your
campaign encouraging women to ditch their
unwanted bras, which can then be recycled to raise money –
empowering and fun. Talking of fun; did you see what America got
up to in the flash-mob

We have also been looking at some of the physical aspects of
breast cancer. Sadly many women have to make the brave decision
to have a
, a physically and psychologically demanding
form of surgery.

reconstructive surgery
is available for women who want to
regain the appearance of breasts, helping women rebuild their
body confidence that surgery may have taken away.

We want to thank all the women who have shared their breast
cancer stories. It’s women like you that inspire others, and will
hopefully encourage women to think twice about their breast
health and check their boobs regularly. Let’s hope we have more
incredible survival stories next year as we keep fighting the
battle against breast cancer!

In other positive news, a centre for cosmetic surgery research
has finally launched
in the UK. The National Institute for
Aesthetic Research
(NIAR) is a joint initiative set up by the
British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)
and The Healing Foundation, founded in response to the
2010 PIP scandal.

For thousands of women the PIP ordeal isn’t over but we hope that
the new research institute will put a stop to it happening again
in the future.

We are honored to reveal that our sister brand Nagor is one of
the founding partners of the Breast Safety Implant Campaign, an
initiative implemented by NIAR. We are helping to fund the
campaign by donating £1 from every implant sale in the UK. We are
among the first implant manufactures to be supporting pioneering
research carried out by NIAR as at GC Aesthetics we fully support
the mission to deliver the very best in cosmetic surgery based on
the highest quality research.

As always we love to hear from women like you, answering your
questions and listening to your boob stories. How has surgery
changed your life? To share your story visit our Facebook page
for the chance to receive lingerie vouchers.

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