Female Leadership For French Breast Implants Company

Global Industry’s First-Ever Female CEO

Apt, France – 24 June, 2013 – In the wake of a
health scandal which saw over 300,000 women fitted with defective
medical devices, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of
breast implants today announces they will be tackling the
challenges of any loss of confidence in the sector under the
guidance of the industry’s first-ever female Chief Executive
Officer.  GC Aesthetics (www.gcaesthetics.com), the parent
company of Apt-based Eurosilicone and UK-based Nagor; whose
products are sold in over 90 countries; will be led through a
consumer-focused re-launch by former Pfizer executive Ms. Ayse

Ayse aims to mould GC Aesthetics and its 300+ employees into a
company that speaks directly to women, caters to their needs and
helps to restore their faith in cosmetic surgery after the PIP
scandal. She says;

“At this seminal time in our sector, we have an opportunity to
fundamentally change the playing field of the breast implant
industry. All businesses have an obvious need to be aligned
with what their consumers want, and in our case it’s
specifically about what women want and, indeed, deserve.”

  GC Aesthetics owns French brand Eurosilicone (www.eurosilicone.com) and
UK-based Nagor (www.nagor.com)
which together produce over 275,000 implants each year. Their
products have been on the market for over thirty years and offer
the best warranty available: free and valid for the entirety of
the patients’ lifetime. Ayse continues;

“We understand that it’s not just the physical aspect of breast
enhancement or reconstruction, but how women feel about their
choice to have breast implants placed inside their bodies –
especially after a betrayal such as PIP.

“We’re committed to further establishing our company as one
that genuinely listens and responds to women. We want to
encourage them to do thorough research and offer a platform to
share their experiences with each other. Due to recent events,
the public has become more aware than ever that choosing the
implant is as important as choosing the surgeon.”

“We’re not simply making and selling medical devices; we’re
helping women change the way they feel about themselves, so
they can confidently make the lifestyle choice that is right
for them.”

  GC Aesthetics’ also intends to further promote their
open-door policy for surgeons to visit the manufacturing
facilities and see first-hand how the products are made.

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