To be honest, I just wanted big, sexy breasts. I absolutely love them!

Vic, 42

“I’m not going to lie – my new breasts were a totally selfish decision, and I absolutely love them. They’ve voluptuous, sexy and gorgeous!

I’ve never had any problems with self-esteem, and have been mostly happy with my figure. But a couple of years ago my relationship broke down, and it made me question lots of things in life.

We’d been married years, and got stuck in a rut. I was bored, and boring. It happens all too easily – the kids first, then work, your relationship comes last. Though it was horrible at the time, now when I look back, the break was the making of me – I moved house, changed jobs and started over.

I’d always loved the curvy look. Even when I was a kid, I used to watch old movies with my mum, and Marilyn was my heroine. So I started thinking about my breasts. I’d made a lot of life changes, and after the dust settled after the divorce, I thought, why not?

My 40th was coming up, and I thought I’d treat myself to something a little unusual to celebrate! It sounds a bit frivolous maybe, but I wanted to feel sexy again.

They may not be to everyone’s taste, but I went the whole hog and had E-cup round implants. We’re not talking Dolly Parton – I’m 5ft 9, and a 14 – but you certainly notice them. And I certainly made me feel more confident about taking my first steps towards dating again…”

We’re sharing these stories to help you make an informed decision about surgery. Your personal results will depend on your natural breasts, frame and individual circumstances. Changing your shape can make a big difference to your confidence, but remember surgery can only change the size and shape of your breasts.
The rest is up to the new, more shapely you.